Here are some common questions.

Do you have questions about how the selling your home for cash process works? Learn more about how we help people in any situation, no matter what the condition the house is in, how prices are determined, and what happens after you fill out our no-obligation form.

Where do you buy houses?

We buy houses all over Lancaster County!  We will soon be buying homes in York, Lebanon, and Berks as well.

Who is We Buy Lancaster PA Houses?

We Buy Lancaster PA Houses is part of a worldwide network of real estate investors who buy houses for cash. Our investors have years of experience with just about every problem possible related to real estate.

Who sells houses to We Buy Lancaster PA Houses?

All types of people in all types of situations where someone would like to sell quickly for cash. This includes: needing to sell quickly due to divorce, neighbors who live next to vacant houses and want them fixed up, owners behind on payments or dealing with foreclosure, avoiding real estate commissions, inheriting a property, landlords tired of dealing with renters, title issues, facing a job transfer, people with houses that need too much repair to get financing for owner occupied buyers, and so many more… Anyone who wants to deal with a reputable local company who puts integrity above profits and is willing to find a solution to ensure a quick closing without the hassle.

Do you buy houses if they are trashy, run down, or in disrepair?

Our investors buy ALL types of houses! Any Condition, Any Location, and Any Price Range. Everything from raw land to a home with structural issues to multi-million dollar mansions in pristine condition.

What is your fee?

There is absolutely no fee to the home seller when working with one of our investors, we’ll even take care of cleaning out any unwanted personal property free of charge.  Most importantly…NO real estate commissions!

Am I obligated to use your service once I fill out your form?

Never any obligation…you are in complete control throughout the process.  We will make you an offer quickly and you are free to either accept or reject it.

How does the process work to sell you my house?

After you fill out the quick offer form we will call you and process your application further. We may be able to make your an offer on the phone, or will schedule a time with you to view the property.  If you decide to sell your house our investor should be able to close within 7 – 14 days or on a schedule that works with your individual situation.

Do you pay fair prices for properties?

Most of the homes we purchase are below market value (our investors are seasonsed professionals in a for profit business).  As a result, they are looking to get a fair discount on a property.  In our experience, many sellers aren’t necessarily seeking a large “windfall” on their property but rather are looking to close quickly (no inspections, no waiting for financing approval) and they appreciate that we can offer cash.  Most importantly, we specialize in finding a solution that gets your house sold fast at a fair win-win price.

How do you determine the offer price on my home?

Our process is fully transparent. Location and condition are the two variable that drive price.  We’ll calculate the cost of the repairs needed to resell your home and subtract it from the potential resale price based upon comparable homes sold in your area recently.  Our investors need to make a fair profit and you need to get a financial outcome that works for you.  When those variable align we are able to move forward.

What if I need a Short Sale?

We are experts in the short sale and foreclosure process, and can negotiate directly with your bank to ensure your home sells as quickly as possible.

There is a vacant house on my block, should I contact you?

Yes please!  We can track down the owner and make them a cash offer. If we purchase the house it will be quickly fixed up and increase your property value and that of your neighbors!

Still need help? Send us a note!